Homework Assistance

As a directed intervention, learners will be assisted by program assistants during after-school session with their home-works. This activity will be hosted in community halls or church halls within communities. The centre will organise venues conducive for learning with strict adherence to COVID-19 restrictions at the time. The facilitators will be capacitated to facilitate these activities

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The extra-tuition will be a blended online activity coordinated by cluster supervisors and facilitated daily through the use of cell phones. The coordinators will monitor multi-site interactive lessons at a time. Learners will assemble at a venue on a pre-planned learning times to attend specialised lessons. The program may also invite subject matter experts to help learners understand the subject matter content better

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Career Workshops

Career workshops are hosted at the main centre in collaboration with other entities and role models. We invite various institutions to engage with learners, present opportunities in various fields and also guide them on the subject’s requirements. These workshops are hosted at the end of the first term and targets grade 9 learners in order to help them with subject choice.

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Science Awareness Campaigns

We have hosted in the past the World Space Week in collaboration with SANSA between 04-10 October in 2019 and the Astronomy and Space Science Week in collaboration with SANEDI and SAASTA. In order to remain within this funding period, we intend hosting the Water week and the World Space Week. We however will host other awareness campaigns that include International Earth Day, the National Science Week and many other national and international campaigns.

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Science Quiz

In order to improve vocabulary of learners, the project will host science vocabulary competitions where learners participating in the project will compete. Each site will have a team to represent it on the competition. The competition will take place in three (3) round i.e learning site; cluster and program levels. Winners will win prizes that include all expenses paid visits to places of interest in science.

Education excursions

Depending on the National COVID-19 directives, learners will be taken out on educational excursions to visit places of interest where their learning will be enhanced. Places such as the Hartebeeshok Radio Astronomy Centre, the Johannesburg Observatory, the Ditsong Museums and the Cullinan Mines may be visited. The visits will be organised at the cost of the parents and will not form part of the funding applied for.

Debate & Symposium

Learners benefiting from this project will have opportunities to prepare a speech wherein they will reflect on the impact of science, technology and innovation on their lives. They will present these speeches on an open platform. The competition will also run on three levels like the Science Quiz BEE. This activity is intended to help learner to comprehend and interpret their subject content

Youth Engaged in Learning and Leadership

Every learning site will elect a committee of learners who will be capacitated with leadership skills. A program has been developed to empower and develop young leaders. Leaders will attend workshops on weekends and during school holidays. At least 3 leaders will be developed per learning site.