Primary Objectives

  • To Provide school buildings or equipment to educational institutions engaged in public benefit activities
  • To provide training for unemployed persons with the purpose of enabling them to obtain employment
  • To provide bridging courses to enable educationally disadvantaged persons to enter higher education institutions
  • To train persons employed in the local sphere of government, for purpose of capacity building in that sphere of government
  • To provide career guidance and counseling services provided to persons attending any school or higher education institution.
  • To facilitate, coordinate and/or manage programs addressing needs in education provision, learning, teaching, training, curriculum support, governance, whole school development, safety and security at schools, pre-schools or educational institutions
  • To facilitate, coordinate and/or manage educational enrichment, academic support, supplementary tuition or outreach programs for the poor and needy

Secondary Objectives

  • To facilitate advancement, promotion or preservation of the arts, culture or customs
  • To facilitate the provision of youth leadership or development programs
  • To facilitate engagement in conservation, rehabilitation or protection of the natural environment including flora, fauna or the biosphere
  • To facilitate the promotion of, and education and training programs relating to, environmental awareness, greening, cleaning-up or sustainable development projects
  • To facilitate administration of, development, coordination or promotion of sports and recreation in which participants take part on non-professional basis as a pastime